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Hospitality House Not A Magnet for Vagrants

A recent Nevada County Grand Jury Report looks at the increase of vagrants panhandlers and transients in Nevada County who are causing additional expense to local law enforcement and other city and county agencies, as well as negatively impacting local businesses , residents,and visitors to the area. It was suggested that having a homeless shelter program in Grass Valley may be bringing more of that type to our community, but Hospitality House Development Director Joanna Robinson says that is not the case.

Click here to listen to Joanna Robinson

There are rare exceptions when a victim of domestic violence from out of the county is accepted. Robinson says Utah’s Place on Sutton Way also drug tests every person who comes to them for shelter. She says people in the homeless community know their rules.*

Click here to listen to Joanna Robinson

Hospitality House will be holding a car wash as a fundraiser. It will be tomorrow from 10 to 3 at Utah’s Place.

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July 14, 2014


I guess that would be her opinion. I would like to see the statistics on how many are from this area or migrate here for the 'attractive' nuisance. I have prior experience in screening these people for the HH. A great many are from this area but increasing it was clear that there more 'guests' coming from out of the area.

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