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Hot Stuff at Rough and Ready Chili Cook-off

It is Chili Cook-off time in Rough and Ready on Sunday September 30th.
The annual event has something for everyone from chili-tasting, to a jalapeno pepper bite-and-scream contest; along with music, other community booths and a unique tour of a miniature town.
Rough and Ready is known for seceding from the Union in 1850.  Event spokesperson Art Grosse says the Rough and Ready Chil Cook-off followed suit- seceding from the International Chili Society because rules were to restrictive. So now it’s anything goes.
Click here to listen to Art Grosse

Tasting kits cost $5.00.
Tasting begins around noon on Sunday Sept 30 in Rough Ready on Old Highway 20 between Grass Valley and Penn Valley.

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