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Hot Weather Warning and Tips

Temperatures are expected to be above 100 degrees in some areas of Western Nevada County and well over 100 in the Sacramento Valley. County Emergency Preparedness Coordinator, Patti Carter, says everyone, but especially the old and the young should take precautions to be safe in the extreme temperatures.
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Carter offers some tips for hot weather:
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Carter as los says to protect your face and head by wearing a wide brimmed hat and pace your outdoor activities.
And she could not stress enough to never leave any person or animal in a closed vehicle.
Click here to listen to Patti Carter

According to California Office of Traffic Safety spokesperson, Chris Cochran, the interior of a car sitting in 110 degree sun can reach 160 degrees in an hour.  Even a half hour of 100 degrees outside can reach 135 inside, long enough and high enough to kill or severely injure young children.

If you or someone you know is experiencing heat related problems, please contact your private medical provider with any questions.

For additional information please call the warm-line at 530-265-7258, visit at the Office of Emergency Services Facebook page or mynevadacounty.com

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