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How the Kids Saved the Parks

Two Children involved in the effort to Save the Parks  when budget cuts threatened their closing were honored last weekend at the Sonoma International Film Festival. 10 year old Wes Forslund and 11 year old Kialey DeRock were at the festival for the showing of “How the Kids Saved the Parks” a 14 minute documentary about   students from Grass Valley Charter School who joined the South Yuba River Citizens League in attempts to keep the South Yuba River State Park at Bridgeport open.  The kids put together a Mobile Media Action Team, and met with John Laird, the California Secretary for Natural Resources. They explained to Laird why they thought South Yuba Park should not close, and also gathered more than 10,000 signatures urging the state to keep the park open.  here’s the beginning of the film.
Intro to How The Kids Saved The Parks

Wes and Kialey  say they got VIP attention at the film’s showing at the Sonoma International Film Festival last weekend.
Click here to listen to Kialey and Wes

On Saturday April 20th, which is Earth Day, How the kids Saved the Parks, will be  shown at Del Oro Theater,  along with a second film looking at the effects of plastic bags on the environment and wildlife.

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