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Human Remains Found in Sierra County Identified

On May 14th last year, the Sierra County Sheriff’s Office was notified that hikers had found skeletal human remains in rural eastern Sierra County. The site was near Crystal Peak about five air miles northwest of the Town of Verdi, which is divided half in California and half in Nevada. Those human remains have now been identified as belonging to a missing Reno man. Sierra County Sheriff John Evans says A DNA match by the Department of Justice shows the bones belong to 41 year old Dana Talucci of Reno. The man had been reported missing in October of 2008. The Sheriff says the identification was difficult because so few bones were found.

“There were so few bones that were located, one long bone and parts of a skull that it’s going to be almost impossible to determine the actual cause of death. The handgun they found there had some ammunition and some clothing parts etc. It leads us to believe that it was possibly self inflicted, but we don’t know for sure.”

A handgun was found near the bones. The Sheriff says there is not enough evidence left to indicate if the death was self inflicted. He says they have not found any cars to indicate how Talucci got to the area. He says anyone with information is asked to call his office at 289-3700.

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