Paul Haas

Paul Haas


I Miss The Fair

I think I am almost done with physical withdrawls from the 2013 Nevada County Fair… for five days it was ” All Fair, All the Time” in my world… and I loved every minute of it. However, Monday morning was hard when I didn’t start the day with a sausage sandwich with a side of caramel corn washed down with a Dr. Pepper chaser…

A few observations…

1. Working at the KNCO Gazebo is AWESOME…

2. All of my favorite consumptive items have two syllables- corn dog, sno cone, breakfast (which really incorporates pancakes, biscuits, gravy), tacos, slushies, rice bowls, bagels, cheese cake, ice cream, pulled pork, pasties, chicken, french fries, soda, cold beer, sandwich (various models),  dinner (which includes multi-syllabic items like baked potatoes, corn on the cob), and Dessert (again incorporating multi-syllabic items: funnel cake, cinnamon rolls)…. I am sure I am forgetting something tasty…

3. Bull riders are serious risk takers

4. People watching is spectacular

5. Interacting with people even better than people watching

6. The joy of children smiling makes me smile

7. There is such a thing as “too much fair” for little children

8. I always learn something new… Stitch in the Ditch is an actual Quilting Term….

9. The Fair is a completely different place after dark.

10. The Fairgrounds has a certain peacefulness before 9:00 AM

11. If you had one tenth of the amount of fun I had at the Fair… you had a really good time!

Only 360 or so days until 2014 opening day!


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