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ICE Picks Up Fusshoeller- Transfer to Sac County Jail

Members of ICE- The Immigration Customs Enforcement agency arrived this morning to take a well known member of the Nevada County news community into custody for being in the United States illegally. YubaNet co-founder Pacale Fusshoeller, arrested earlier this week for providing false identification information to the CHP following a minor traffic violation and later discovered to be in the United States on an expired VISA, was picked up at the Wayne Brown Correctional Facility by ICE agents early Friday.
Click here to listen to UndersheriffJoe Salivar

Nevada County Undersheriff Joe Salivar says that ICE typically takes immigration subjects to Sacramento to be processed, however ICE did not share the location to which Fusshoeller has been transferred. An ICE spokesperson has confirmed that Pascale is in custody in Sacramento and will be transferred to Sacramento County Jail this afternoon which is an ICE Detention Center.


October 11, 2013

Julia Carol

Pascale Fusshoeller has done more to support our county than many of us "citizens"... Yubanet has some of the best local coverage of news there is, as well as THE best fire coverage during fire season, all available free to the public. She stays up nights to get the latest fire news and posts regularly during fire season. Only some of the cost of this is shared by volunteer subscribers to Yubanet. Pascale would have been a legal citizen, if it were not for (previous) laws discriminating against gay marriage. She was in the process of becoming legal, once gay marriage in California became legal. Ironically, Gov. Brown just signed a law which would have granted Pascale the right to a Drivers License even before she's a citizen.

I strongly support Pascale and am writing to let you all know that this county will be minus a truly great resource and a productive, compassionate citizen if she is not allowed to return to us.

P.S. It's also ironic that the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) branch of government is open, while letters to our Senators get returned because of the government closure.

October 11, 2013

Natalie Lyda

This is a complete show of ridiculousness. How many illegal immigrants are here and breaking laws and milking the system- and we try to deport a productive member of society who was never hiding or doing anything but contributing to good? Hello hypocrisy.

October 12, 2013

Michael Percy

This is absolutely appalling. While I believe she unnecessarily left herself vulnerable to a situation like this by not pursuing legal status much earlier, Pascale has provided enormous service to the community, and the immigration services should take this into account. Welcome to the new world order of an increasingly paranoid US government.

October 12, 2013

Carol Kuczora

What is ironic is that Pascale is more dedicated to our democracy than any citizen I know. She is a pillar of our community, and we depend on her YubaNet website for up-to-the-minute fire news, as well as local, national, international, and science news. I hope she will be allowed to complete the citizenship she applied for.

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