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Icy Conditions Cause Accidents

Freezing temperatures following Friday night’s snowfall contributed to a number of traffic accidents as vehicles tried to navigate hills and ice over the weekend. Ice appears to be bad again in many areas again. In Grass Valley Sunday afternoon, a driver of a pick-up truck lost traction.
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Unfortunately the pickup hit a parked vehicle as it slid down the street. Incidents like this are not uncommon when snow and ice melt during the the day and refreeze at night turning streets into ice slicks. Though many roads are clear, shady and shadow spots on streets with ice don’t thaw. Cars often travel over drier or melted pavement then get caught in an icy patch further down the road. CHP recommends driving slow and allow adequate stopping time when following vehicles. Do not try to climb inclines that appear icy. Once you lose traction you close control.

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