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Identity Theft, Warrants and False ID Lead to Separate Arrests in GV

An identity theft incident that began earlier this month lead to the arrest of a suspect on Wednesday. Sgt Joe Matteoni says that the victim came to the police on November 5th.
Click here to listen to Sgt. Joe Matteoni

The suspect, 27 year old Jennifer Yeoman was charged with unauthorized use of a persons ID and unlawful use of a credit card or access card.

In an unrelated event, Grass Valley Police responded to a domestic violence call in the parking lot of the The Union Square Building in downtown Grass Valley Wednesday afternoon. Upon arrival they made contact with the subjects. According to Sgt Joe Matteoni, the female provided false identification
and the situation escalated.
Click here to listen to Sgt. Joe Matteoni

Waring,-HalleyWaring was eventually charged with providing false identification, resisting arrest, possession of concentrated cannabis- or hash, and violation of a felony and  misdemeanor warrants.

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