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IGFOA Honors Controller Salter

Nevada County Auditor Controller Marcia Salter is once again being honored by the International Government Finance Officers Association for Excellence in Financial Reporting. This is the sixth  year the Nevada County Auditor-Controller has received the award.  Salter says she first applied in 2006 and they did not get the award that year but received some great feed back and applied again and have won the award ever since.
Click here to listen to Marcia Salter

Board Chair Hank Weston  speaking for all the supervisors thanked Marcia for making the budget process easy for Supervisors to understand. He had just one other observation.

Clik here to listen to Hank Weston

The Auditor Controllers Office is in the middle of  final preparations for the annual audit which includes a lot of work that goes into the application for next years award.

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