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Immunization Deadline Approaching

As many school years in Nevada County began on August 17th, the 30 calendar day grace period to provide proof of immunization to schools will end on Thursday, September 15th.  According to Dr. Karen Millman with the Nevada County Public Health Department If students do not provide proper documentation by that day, exclusion from school will begin Friday, September 16th. Millman says parents should take children to their primary care doctor for immunization.

“The first step is usually go to your own doctor and get it taken care of because they usually do carry it. Particularly if a person is on an HMO, their insurance is already paying for it. We encourage people to go your physicians first and also, they can talk about any other health problems and their physician can give good advice as to what vaccines are good for them and what else they may need.”

To give families access to vaccination, the Nevada County Public Health Department will hold a free Whooping Cough Vaccine Clinic on Wednesday, September 14th from 3pm to 6pm at the Grass Valley Veteran’s hall at 255 S. Auburn Street. The clinic is open to all school-aged children and adults.

Pertussis is still circulating at higher than normal levels throughout the state. There have been more than 21 hundred cases reported in 2011 and at least 134 hospitalizations.

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