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Improvements Approved for Wayne Brown Correctional Facility

A contract has been approved to make upgrades to the Wayne Brown Correctional Facility that was built in 1992 and which Sheriff Keith Royal says is a ‘dinosaur’ when it comes to security and safety. Replacement parts are becoming increasingly difficult to come by and the sheriff says sometimes the jail doors “open on their own” which is a bad thing in a correctional facility.

The sheriff says it will cost around $850,000 to make the needed upgrades to the facility

“This technology is not cheap, but I think when you look at the history of the facility, we’ve had 19 years out of our last system and I would anticipate that this will give us probably equivalent into the next two decades.”

The Contract approved by the Board of Supervisors Tuesday goes to Spokane, Washington based Engineered Control Systems, which is not a local company, but the sheriff says jail security systems are a specialized field and no local contractors could perform the task.   Money for the upgrades will come from the income the Sheriff’s Department has generated by the housing of Federal Prisoners. All work should be completed within 9 months of the issuing of the contract.

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