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Inebriated Handyman Ends Up in Jail

An inebriated handyman goes to jail after firing a gun and attempting to outrun law enforcement. Tuesday afternoon a worker who was filling in for a couple’s regular electrician, had a few drinks either on the job or after the job and became belligerent when the homeowners tried to wake him. Nevada County Sheriff Keith Royal says the man was filling in for the regular electrician who was too busy to take the job. The suspect electrician, Brendon Peterspn 28 of Grass Valley completed the work while the residents were out of the house and apparently also consumed a number of alcoholic beverages and had fallen asleep at the property.

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The ammunition is referred to as Snake Loads which consists mainly of BBs. Damage was only done to the outer panes of dual pane windows. Peterson fled the scene in is vehicle heading down McCourtney towards the Fairgrounds where he was spotted by law enforcement near Indian Springs Road.

Click here to listen to Sheriff Keith Royal

Officers could not locate a firearm in the vehicle and Search and Rescue was called to the seen to assist. Eventually the gun was located along the side of McCourtney Road.
Peterson was taken into custody for a number of charges including assault with a firearm, discharging a firearm into a residence, DUI, and evading a police officer.

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