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Inmates Opt for Home Detention Program

Nevada County Sheriff Keith Royal delivered an update to County Supervisors yesterday of the Home Detention Program that is offered in Nevada county for inmates who qualify.  The Home Detention program is voluntary and available to non violent inmates.  Inmates pay an administrative fee to enter the program.  The Sheriff says last year 23 inmates signed up for Home Detention and 3 of those violated the terms and ended up back in the Wayne Brown Correctional Facility. The Sheriff says new GPS Technology will upgrade the bracelets worn by Home Detention inmates.

“It allows us, instead of having a bracelet that’s tied to a phone in the house, so if they wander off a distance from that phone and alerts go off, now we’ll be able to monitor from the standpoint of all of their activities. So if somebody’s on a work furlough program, we know they’re going to work.”

The sheriff says sometimes the home detainees have medical problems and this allows inmates to receive treatment and be on their own medical insurance, which saves the county money.

The Home Detention program was subject of an alleged embezzlement of $13,000 by a former employee collecting the fees paid by inmates in the program. Sheriff Royal assured the Board that safety measures have been taken to “insure this does not happen again.”

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