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Interfaith Food Ministries Planning Move

It won’t be long now before Interfaith Food Ministries, the church supported local food bank for families in need will be moving from it’s cramped 3-thousand-square-feet quarters on Whiting Street, to a new location more than twice the size on Henderson Street.
Click here to listen to Sue Van Son

I-F-M Executive Director Sue Van Son says they will need 800-thousand dollars for the purchase and  renovations to the new building, located at 440 henderson Street behind the BEAM Easy Living Center.  They will borrow 600-thousand dollars in a 40 year USDA loan to buy the building;  and renovations will be paid for from funds they have raised.  Interfaith food Ministries currently serves some 2,700 local families with bi-weekly food distrubutions.  At the new location they hope to be able to offer weekly distributions of food. And Van Son says they have some ideas for the extra square footage in the new building.
Click here to listen to Sue Van Son

…or allow them to use some of the foods that they’ previously haven’t known what to do with. Van Son says it will take at least 4 months to renovate the new building and Interfaith Food Ministries hopes to move in and open March 1, 2014.

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