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Internet Dating Goes Awry

The Nevada County Sheriff says an internet dating site did not live up to one woman expectations. Sheriff Keith Royal says Deputes went to a home in southern Nevada County to a report of a woman with a gun. The woman was contacted by a man from Oroville and the two arraigned to meet at the woman’s home. The Sheriff says the woman found out when the man arrived with his gold dredge that he was not that interested in her.

“When she found out that he was more interested in dredging for gold than in an intimate relationship with her, she became outraged. He decided it was time to leave and started loading his dredge into his pickup truck and apparently she came out with a rifle and told him he wasn’t going anywhere.”

The Sheriff says the woman was not able to operate the rifle properly and the victim fled and did not wish to press charges, he just wanted to go home.

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