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Intoxicated Male Charged With Vandalism and Resisting Arrest

An intoxicated male that was destroying property was arrested after attacking sheriff deputies. Sheriff Keith Royal says that a call came in just after midnight of a man that was intoxicated, behaving strangely, and breaking personal property and the caller feared for her safety. Deputies responded to the residence and came upon a bizzare situation.

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The officer pulled his gun and told the suspect, 26 year old Jeffery Davis, to lay down on on the ground.

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The officer deploys his baton striking Davis several time with no effect. A second deputy arrived and both continued struggling with the suspect. A third officer arrived.

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Jeffery Davis was charged with resisting a peace officer and felony vandalism. Damage to the residence was estimated at 1000 dollars. One officer received lacerations to his face and and and injury to his leg as a result of the struggle with Davis.

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