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Investigation Discovery Segment Features Nevada City Author's Book

A Nevada City authors non-fiction book about two young teenage girls who murdered an 85 year old woman in Auburn in the 80’s will be featured on a New Years Day segment of Investigation Discovery Channel’s program “Deadly Women”.  Joan Merriam attended the Auburn trial of the two teenage girls when she was interning at a Sacramento Televisions station.

“It was a pretty horrific story. These two girls who had met just eight hours before the murder ended up stabbing to death an elderly lady in the Auburn Greens Condominiums. There just really wasn’t any real reason. They wanted to run away. They wanted to steal a car and figured if they were going to steal a car it would have to be an elderly person because, of course, they couldn’t fight back. One of them said, ‘well, if it’s an old person, we’ll have to kill them so they don’t rat on us to the police.”

Merriam’s book “Little Girl Lost: A true Story of Shattered Innocence and Murder” will be featured in the program titled “Baby-Faced Killers,” January 1st on Investigation Discovery.

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