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It’s All About Trust

Improving work productivity and managing costs is the goal of many managers. What most managers don’t realize is the importance of trust. Stephen M.R. Covey, son of Dr. Stephen Covey and a leading researcher and best selling author of The Speed Trust- The One Thing that Changes Everything  and Smart Trust- Creating Prosperity, Energy, and Joy in a Low Trust World, says the level of Trust in an organization is more than just a social element.
Click here to listen to Stephen M. R. Covey

The good news is that as trust increases so does productivity.
Click here to listen to Stephen M. R. Covey

For more indepth information about Trust and its effect on organizations, listen to the KNCO Special Report: It’s All About Trust- A Converstation with Stephen M. R. Covey featured during Fitzimmons and Flores Monday through Thursday April 15-18 at 1:30.

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