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It’s On Fire!

Click here to listen to sound of firefighters

That’s the sound of two firefighters attacking a fully engaged dumpster fire.
Firefighters from the Tahoe National Forest are getting some refresher training this week as the weather heats up and fire dangers increase. Battalion Chief for the Yuba River Ranger District North Battalion,  Rob Noxon, says the training occurs annually and is the third part of a three tier review.
Click here to listen to Chief Noxon

TNFfiretrainingThe reason for the dumpster and vehicle fire training is that many of the fires in the TNF start as a result of human involvement.
Because of the way cars are now designed, there is an added element of danger that increases risk of injury to firefighters.
Click here to listen to Chief Noxon

White Cloud Engine 333 Captain, Andy Ocker, says the annual training is helpful because it develops skills that can be adapted to different situations at different fires.
Click here tolisten to Captain Andy Ocker

Teams of Firefighters are participating in the live fire exercises. The annual training is repeated over two days so the forest still has firefighters on duty while the others are training.

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