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It’s ‘Screen Free’ Week

screen-free-weekYou are encouraged *not* to let your kids use any electronic devices this week, and to refrain from using them yourselves as much as possible. This is ‘Screen Free Week’–hosted by the Campaign for Commercial Free Childhood. Doctor Susan Linn with the C-C-F-C says the idea is to get kids’ noses out of Nintendos, Play Stations, smart phones, tablets, and TVs; and get them to read, explore nature, and spend time with friends and family…

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The C-C-F-C says some studies show that pre-schoolers spend 32 hours a week in front of screened entertainment. Linn says when families are out, parents often shove electronic devices in kids’ faces when they get restless…

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The event has taken place annually since 1996, when it was known as ‘TV Turnoff Day’.

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