Paul Haas

Paul Haas


It’s Time for Holiday Fun- I Can’t Wait!

I love the holiday season in Nevada County! Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years- the holiday trifecta- each bring new adventures and activities for local residents and visiting friends and family. With Thanksgiving, comes the kickoff for Cornish Christmas in Grass Valley.  Cornish Christmas leads to Nevada City’s Victorian Christmas. Both events provide on-the-street interaction in festive spirits and atmosphere.

The holiday shows and performances include traditional stories and entertaining adaptations. I can’t wait to see “Every Christmas Story Ever Told”.

Food at all the area’s eateries seems to get better during the holidays. And the opportunity to share a beverage and visit with friends presents itself a little more readily.

Shopping around Grass Valley and Nevada City adds more opportunity to run into familiar and friendly faces… regardless of how frustrated one might be.  Selecting the perfect Christmas Tree and decorating the house, yard, and even the pets becomes a treat rather than a chore.

Of course, all of this only remains fun if I can keep everything in perspective.  It is my first Christmas with adult children.  Even now that they are adults- they know better than to question Santa’s existence.  My boys (young men) know that they can only receive if they believe.

This week I am thankful for all that I have and all that I have experienced. I wouldn’t trade any of it. I have amazing family both close and far away. I live in a great community. I work with incredible people. I have the best of friends.

I hope I can spread some of my holiday happiness through positive actions and thoughts. I hope I can make you smile.



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