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Jail Bookkeeper Charged in Missing Funds from Jail Account

Misdemeanor charges are being filed against a former account clerk at the Nevada County Sheriff’s office after $13,000 was discovered missing from jail funds.  Sheriff Keith Royal says Yvonne Cantrell is no longer employed at the county and the charges stem from monies that were collected as an administrative fee by inmates assigned to home detention.

“At this point in time, we have had charges filed by the District Attorney, which are misdemeanor charges, and it’s under the government code and it deals with a responsibility by public officials who receive fines and forfeitures and refuse or neglect to pay over, or make deposits, in a timely fashion and here it’s specified within 30 days.”

The sheriff says his office became aware that county funds were missing late last year and an investigation was begun.  The sheriff says the misdemeanor charges   were filed now because there is a one year limitation on filing those charges.  He says an investigation into felony embezzlement of the missing $13,000 is still underway.

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