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Job's Daughters Sell Specialty Dogs for Veterans' Dog Program

Everybody who attends the fair knows of the Job’s Daughter corn dogs. Cathy Deblin is the Guardian for the local chapter of Job’s Daughters and says a special corn dog has been added to the menu this year in support of our troops back from Iraq and Afghanistan. Deblin says the profit from the Freedom dogs will  support their ” Heroes for our Heroes” project which trains service dogs  to be with those returning  veterans  wounded or suffering from post traumatic stress disorder. 

“They raise and train puppies to aid and train veterans coming back from Afghanistan and Iraqi wars, speeding the recovery and enhancing the lives of the wounded military heroes through the use of specialty trained service dogs.”

The Freedom dog comes with a corn dog with chili and nacho cheese covering the whole thing. The cost for the special hot dogs will be five dollars. Deblin says last year they sold twenty-two thousand hot dogs they got  from SPD, and this year she is ordering more hot dogs. The local Job’s Daughters has already contributed three thousand dollars to the project.

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