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Judge Julie McManus has filed for Disability Retirement

After 9 months of medical leave and the subject of a recent recall petition, judge Julie McManus has filed for disability retirement with the Commission on Judicial Performance. Sean Matroka Superior Court Administrator says her retirement request was submitted December 125th prior to the recall filing.
McManus was appointed to the Nevada County Superior Court in December 2005. She ran unopposed in June, 2008. Her term expires in 2014. Judge McManus has been on medical leave since March, 2011, and was subsequently found to have sustained a traumatic brain injury in a fall. McManus will require further treatment, the duration of which is unknown at this time. Although McManus hoped she would be able to return to work, she acknowledged her medical leave of absence has created difficulty for the Court. McManus felt it was in the best interest of the citizens and taxpayers of Nevada County to retire so the Court may proceed with the steps necessary to fill her position. The Court acknowledges Judge McManus’ commitment to the children and families of Nevada County. An assigned judge will continue to cover McManus’s absence until the Commission on Judicial Performance grants the retirement and the governor assigns a replacement or the state’s Judicial needs evaluation commission assigns a replacement.

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