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Judges Answer Question at LWV Forum

At Thursday evening’s League of Women Voters Candidate Forum the five candidates for Superior Court Judge fielded questions from the audience and media. The fifteen questions covered a variety of topics. One question from the audience addressed Plea Bargaining. All of the candidates agreed it is a necessary part of the judicial process to increase court efficiency as well insuring a just punishment is levied. Candidate Angela Bradick compares felony plea agreements between two similar sized counties- Nevada and Sutter.
Click here to listen to Angela Bradick

Candidate Anna Ferguson says plea bargaining  protects victims form further damage in certain cases.
Click here to listen to Anna Ferguson

Jeff Ingram points out the sheer volume of cases that come before the courts.
Click here to listen to Jeff Ingram

Robert Tice-Raskin states its the judges responsibility to be sure that any agreement is just for both parties involved.
Click here to listen to Robert Tice-Raskin

Jeff Lake stresses that many defendants cannot afford to go to trial therefore agree to a plea. The pleas should be based on litigant preparation and fairness.
Click here to listen to Jeff Lake

The two hour forum was well attended filling most of the seats in the room. The Next Forum is April 10th and will include candidates for District Attorney and Superintendent of Schools.

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