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Judical Council Reviews Courthouse Projects

The Administrative Office of the Courts is meeting today, April 24 in San Francisco to review cutting costs for 13 planned courthouse projects, including the courthouse in Nevada City. The Judicial Council working group overseeing the facilities program is recommending significantly reducing square footage, undertaking renovations instead of new construction, evaluating lease options and using lower-cost construction methods where feasible on all 13 planned courthouse projects. Nevada City City Councilman Robert Bergman has gathered letters of support from the City of Grass Valley,and the Nevada County Board of Supervisors to keep the courthouse in Nevada City at it’s present sight, which may not be a done deal.
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Senate Bill 1407 was enacted in 2008 to authorize up to $5 billion in bonds for new and renovated courthouses. The working groups recommendations could be accepted, modified, or rejected by the Judicial Council at their meeting today.

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