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Kane's Restaurant Benefit for Humpty Dumpty Next Tuesday

On Next Tuesday January 17th the wait staff of Kane’s Restaurant in Grass Valley are donating all of their tips from that day to the employees of Humpty Dumpty that are out of a job with the recent fire of that restaurant.  Kane’s Restaurant owner, John Kane, says it was his employees idea to donate their tips, when they told him what they wanted to do he agreed to make a matching donation.

“I don’t think anyone over at Humpty Dumpty knows it yet, but next Wednesday I’ll go over there with a check and just something to help them out over time. They’re going to be down for a while and it’s just the right thing to do. We’re a small community and we’d love to have everyone come over and support us and tip generously so that money will go over to the employees of Humpty Dumpty.”

Randy Hodges and his brother Robert say they plan to rebuild Humpty Dumpty but that could take months.  John Kane says it would be counter to what this community stands for not to help them out.

“I’ve really got some great employees. They were really upset and I think along with most of the community. When you see a small business like that hit with a fire, it’s just devastating in this economy. I think they’re a great restaurant and Randy’s a great owner and they’re great people that work there and it’s the least we can do. It’s good for the community and it’s good for all of us.”

Kane’s Restaurant is located at 120 East Main Street in Grass Valley and will be open Tuesday from 11am to 9pm.

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