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Kane's Restaurant Owner and Staff raise $2,250 for Humpty Dumpty Fire Victims


Kane’s Restaurant Owner John Kane presented a check to Humpty Dumpty Restaurant owner Randy Hodges this morning for $2,250 dollars.

“Staff, as you well know, came to me and wanted to donate something for you and your staff and I matched what they came up with and so we came up with a final number. Just in these difficult times, we just wanted to help a fellow restaurateur and their staff. You have a great restaurant and a great people and we hope things go fast and you open soon.”

Hodges says on behalf of his 20 full and part time employees, thank you.

“Just coming from my staff, everyone really appreciates that. They’re actually on the payroll up to a year for reconstruction, but as far as the waitresses go, they’re only paid wages. I have a private adjuster right now working on maybe claiming some tips. I know the waitresses are greatly appreciating this. Thank you.”

Hodges says he is moving ahead on clearing debris from the building and preparing to rebuild which he expects will take about 6 months.  The restaurant was damaged in a fire the evening of January 7th. Fire investigators ruled the fire accident, started by combustion of some oily rags.

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