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Knife Wielding Man Gets Pepper Sprayed and Sent to Jail

A man threatening a neighbor and holding a knife on a Police Officer is in jail, charged with assault on a Police Officer.

Nevada City Police Lieutenant Loren Gage says a Officer responded to a call of harassment on Lindley Avenue Tuesday night. The Lieutenant says when the Police Officer knocked on door 22 year old David Bledsoe opened the door with a knife in his hand.

“He knocked on the door and after several minutes of non-response, the door finally opened and when it did so, the suspect was standing in the doorway with a knife in his hand and pointing it toward the officer. The officer advised him several times to drop the knife. After several commands to drop the knife, he was still non-responsive. The officer then used his pepper spray and he was still unresponsive, requiring him to use his pepper spray a second time.”

After the second time of being peppered sprayed and the arrival of a second officer, Bledsoe was taken into custody for suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon on a Police Officer.


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