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Known Felon Arrested for Shooting at Brass Rail

A known felon was taken into custody after firing several rounds from an illegal weapon into to the air and rolling his pickup truck Sunday night. Sheriff Keith Royal says at 11 PM in North San Juan at the Brass Rail bar, James Hawk, age 37 from Grizzly Hill road was causing a disturbance and he was escorted from the bar by bar employees. Employees heard several rounds fired and hawk left in his truck. Authorities were called and on the way Sherriff’s officers found hawk’s over turned truck.

“Apparently he noticed officers approaching and fled on foot. When we searched the pickup, what we found inside was an AK-47 rifle, three empty 30 round magazines, a six round magazine, and two knife blades, military style body armor, a police scanner and a variety of large sized firecrackers.”

While at the scene Hawk returned to the scene. Hawk was arrested and booked into the Wayne Brown Correctional Facility for possession of a fire arm by a known felon, violation of probation, driving under the influence and possession of assault weapons.

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