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Konnerth Sentenced on Second Degree Murder

Lee Konnerth, the 37 year old Weimar man convicted of murdering his girlfriend Sara Burr and their unborn child she was carrying,  will  serve 19 years, 8 months in prison.   Konnerth accepted a plea agreement to Second Degree murder, avoiding a possible sentence on two counts of First Degree murder which would have meant life without parole. Under the agreement Konnerth  could be eligible for parole   after 17 years.   Sara Burr  was 30 years old and 22 weeks pregnant with  Konnerth’s child when she was murdered.    Burr   graduated from Nevada Union High School in 1999 and was employed as a vocational nurse at Golden Empire Convalescent Hospital.   She reportedly had met Konnerth on Facebook 10 months prior to the shooting.  She is survived by two daughters and several family members who spoke at the sentencing in Placer County Superior Court in Auburn yesterday.

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July 22, 2013


A very sad story about violence against women.

About a woman who was in the process of leaving both physically that night (shot in the back) and apparently seeking new housing, having filled out rental applications just the day or days prior.

For women that is a very dangerous time, the time you're actually trying to get away...

I'm surprised by the need to include "met on facebook 10 months prior". If a person was murdered and happened to meet at say.. Lumberjacks, or Kane's, or downtown Grass Valley or at Nevada Union High.. this information is normally not included in a story. What is this particular line suggesting?

This is a story about violence in society, domestic violence, violence against women.

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