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LaBarr Meadows Project to be Completed as Planned

Good news about the CalTrans LaBarr Meadows Project! According to Nevada County Transportation Commission Executive Director, Dan Landon, the project will be completed as originally planned.
Click here to listen to Dan Landon

The project ran into financial troubles due to unforseen costs related to clarity of water runoff which cost $320,000. Additional drainage work resulted in a  $200,000 cost over run, and by the time paving took place, the Crude Oil Index had gone up by 40 percent  adding another  $218,000 to the project.

Caltrans did not communicate the overruns to the County in a timely manner. As a result, the Nevada County Transportation Commision chose not to come up with half of the overruns which would have cost 420,000 dollars and forced changes to other Highway 49 projects for this year. The project was wrapped up. Landon says yesterday’s decison by the California Transportation Commission will allow Caltrans to reopen the project and complete it in accordance with the original plans. The other scheduled Highway 49 improvements will not be affected by the decision.

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