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LaMalfa on Fire Fees

A state firefighting board has approved a raise in the annual wildfire protection fee for nearly a million California residents.  The new fee was pushed by Governor Jerry Brown who says the increase could net the state 50-million dollars in much needed revenue. State Senator Doug LaMalfa doesn’t believe the tax legal.

“They cut one of the basic responsibilities of government for public safety in this area which would be fire protection. So they made reductions there and they expect people to make up for it with their own taxes on their own property. So for some people, that’s a triple taxation. For the state of California and its overspending budget on other issues. We believe it was an illegal tax because it was not passed by a two thirds vote in the legislature, instead it was done by a commission that the governor restacked with people that would restore the $150.”

Under the plan, the fire fee would jump to 150 dollars per year, that’s up from a 90-dollar fee that was approved in August.

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