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Lamalfa on Repeal of Fire Tax

The Cal-Fire board approved the implementation of the $150 dollar per habitable structure   fire tax at their meeting Wednesday Jan 11th and the   next day Senator Doug LaMalfa announced the introduction of a measure that would repeal the rural fire tax. Assembly Bill 1506, authored by Assemblyman Kevin Jeffries and coauthored by Senator LaMalfa, eliminates the State Responsibility Area “fee” of up to $150 per habitable structure in rural areas of California.

“We believe it’s unconstitutional and rather than go through a bunch of legal battles with this, I think anybody observing would see that there is problems with this. Let’s just head it off and get it out of that as a budget item.”

LaMalfa stated- Residents that reside within local fire protection districts may never receive these services they will be paying for from the state. He says the money collected from these residents, as a result, is spent on fire protection for other areas. According to Proposition 26, a majority-vote fee would provide a “specific government service or product provided directly to the payor.” He says this clearly makes this a 2/3 vote “tax.” since that did not happen, LaMalfa thinks the rural fire tax should be repealed.

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