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LaMalfa Under Fire for Abortion Remark

Republican congressional candidate Doug LaMalfa, running in the Nov. 6 election against Democrat Jim Reed to represent Nevada and other counties in Northeastern California, is under fire from his opponent and others for linking abortion and breast cancer during a debate.
LaMalfa said abortion leads to a higher breast cancer rate but later recanted that in a statement that recent research does not support such an association.
Democrat Reed says LaMalfa’s statement is part of pattern that includes his disputing climate change.

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While Reed says Republican LaMalfa’s first statement was wrong, the president of an organization that links abortion to increased breast cancer rates says LaMalfa was right. Karen MalecĀ  is president of the Illinois-based coalition on abortion and breast cancer.

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LaMalfa spoke during a debate Monday in Redding.
La Malfa’s campaign did not return a phone calls requesting comment.

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