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LaMalfa:Return Common Sense Mgmt. to National Forests

Nevada County’s Congressional Representative  Doug LaMalfa   spoke on the House floor in support of a bill he co-sponsored to return common-sense management practices to the National Forest system to create jobs, improve forest health and prevent wildfires.
click here to listen to Doug LaMalfa
LaMalfa says HR 1526, the Restoring Healthy Forests for Healthy Communities Act,  will remove red tape from timber and fire prevention work in National Forests . LaMalfa says our communities suffer economically because of Forest Service policies that have shifted activity elsewhere,  and fires are so massive that we’re actually seeing health impacts.
click here to listen to Doug LaMalfa

The cost of proactive forest management is far less than the cost of wildfire suppression and cleaning up the aftermath, yet  LaMalfa says the Forest Service, federal government and State of California all maintain policies that prevent reasonable forest management.

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