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Landmark Restaurant to Close in Nevada City

A Nevada City institution is closing down. After 30 years, Cirino’s Restaurant will be shutting its doors at the end of the month. Owner Jerry Cirino calls it a difficult business decision, but one he says he had to make…

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Cirino refers largely to the Health Care reform laws that go into effect in 2014, but says it’s much more than that…

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The Grass Valley restaurant will remain open. Cirino says it is a much bigger, and the profit margin is larger. Cirino broke the news to his employees yesterday…

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Cirino says the 30 Nevada City employees will either transfer to Grass Valley, retire, or he’ll help them find another job. The last day of business in the Nevada City location will be Wednesday January 30th. (Cirino will be a guest this afternoon on ‘Fitzsimmons and Flores’ this afternoon at 1pm).


January 3, 2013


so sad but just the beginning on what is coming thanks to the Government

January 3, 2013


This is a ridiculous! I'm so sorry this is happening. We can only expect to see more and more of this as we get closer to 2014. I hope the people who voted this joker in can finally open their eyes and see what it is REALLY costing us :( My prayers are with the folks affected by this- the owners who no longer will have a business, the employees and families of the employees who will now be unemployed, the community who will no longer enjoy such a wonderful place in Nevada City. I'm glad the GV location will stay, but for how long? We sold our country for a pile of worthless promises and the collector has come for payment. :(

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