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Large Animals Need Foster Homes

A number of large animals were rescued from a horrible situation last week and have been transferred to the Sammie’s Friends Animal Shelter.
Click here to listen to Cheryl Wicks

Animal Shelter Executive Director Chery Wicks says her organization has been working with professionals to get the appropriate help for the animals.
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So far Wicks says they have been able to find foster homes for the mules, possible the horses and goat, but are need of a home for the donkeys.
Click here to listen to Cheryl Wicks

Wicks estimates the cost for caring for the animals is over 1000 dollars. She also says that the bests way to help is by proving a donation because the care of the animals is different due to the circumstances.
Click here to listen to Cheryl Wicks

Wicks and the Sheriff’s Department want to be sure to thank the groups that have already contributed to rescuing the animals.
Special thanks goes out to Ezra Marrow (Ezra Marrow Training), Paula Jobes (Precious Cargo), Bonnie Easley, and Michelle DeCamp.  Each of their forms of expertise assisted in bringing the animals into protective custody.

If you are interested in helping you can contact Sammie”s Fiends by phone 530-471-5041, or through their website, Sammie’sFriends.org

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