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Laura’s Law Extended though 2017

A bill to extend Laura’s Law — named after Nevada County resident Laura Wilcox who was tragically killed by a mentally unstable individual in January 2001 — was recently signed by Gov. Jerry Brown .
The signing means the authority in the Laura’s Law statute for a county to operate, establish or continue a program of assisted outpatient treatment has been extended through 2017. Nick and Amanda Wilcox, Laura’s parents, are pleased the bill was signed.

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The Wilcoxes are also pleased with the implementation of Laura’s Law in Nevada County.

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The new bill extends a law that allows courts to compel people with severe mental illness and a history of arrest or violence to stay in treatment, as a condition of living in the community. The Wilcox family credit strong community support for successful implementation.
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In Nevada County — the only county in the state to have implemented Laura’s Law ­— these procedures have reduced forced hospitalization and incarceration of individuals with severe mental illness. The reductions have saved Nevada County $1.81 for every $1 invested in Laura’s Law.

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