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Law Enforcement Communication Enhances Emergency Reponse

The shooting at a Connecticut school has caused local law enforcement and local schools to look at their emergency plans. Nevada County Sheriff Keith Royal says his agency has been working with school administrators for some time in the response plans how school staff and law enforcement would respond in a similar situation.
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The Sheriff says special teams of officer practice how they would respond to a similar situation as occurred in Connecticut. Sheriff Royal says law enforcement locally is doing everything they can to stop or deal with a similar situation.

Sheriff Royal also says with the consolidation of emergency dispatch services, area agencies are better able to respond to major incidents. Royal says the recent consolidation of most of the law enforcement agencies has put each agency in direct communication with the with first responding officers when an incident occurs.
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The Sheriff says the cost savings to local tax payers was the immediate benefit to the consolidation. The benefits will continue to grow the more agencies work together.

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