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Law Enforcement Fire Protection Council Awards

Nevada County Law Enforcement and Fire Protection Council raises funds each year to provide Police and  Fire agencies with needed items that  they otherwise could not  afford in light of  dwindling budgets. The Council also supports scholarships, Grad Night and the Every 15 Minutes anti DUI school program.   Board President Bob Medlin says this year the Law Enforcement and Fire Protection council  will donate a combined $69,256 worth of services and equipment to the local community.

Sheriff Keith Royal says all local  law enforcement and fire agencies will receive upgrades to their communication systems.
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The Council is also paying for  Grass Valley Police to replace 4 worn out  Tazers,  and Sgt. Steve Johnson says each GVPD officer will be equipped with a Go Bag containing vital equipment to be used in the field.

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Sgt. Johnson says he plans to be at the Law Enforcement and Fire Protection Council Board meeting September 13th  to say Thank You.
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Other Law Enforcement and fire Protection Council awards this year include $14,700 for a new Google Earth mapping system for the Rough and Ready Fire Department, $11,500 for a new Command Trailer for Nevada County Search and Rescue and $12,500 for a new Training Simulator for Nevada County Consolidated Fire.

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