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Lester Case Has Cost County Over $200,000

Another fiscal milestone in the Gold Country Lenders case…

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Nevada County Deputy Executive Officer Martin Polt says he expects the total cost to be upwards of 600-hundred thousand dollars, well above the county’s 480-thousand dollar budget for all cases. Polt says there is a bill in the legislature that would require the state to re-imburse counties for cases like this one…

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Gold Country Lenders C-E-O Phillip Lester, and C-F-O Susan LaFerte are being represented by public defenders, which are county employees, and the State Attorney General’s office is prosecuting the case because the District Attorney had prior dealings with Lester. Both are reasons the county is hoping the state will pick up at least a portion of the tab. Polt is hoping the case is settled before it goes to trial, which would prevent more expenses…

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Lester and LaFerte, who are brother and sister, allegedly bilked investors out of about 3.2 million dollars.

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