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Libertarian Party National Chairman Coming to Grass Valley

The National Chairman of the Libertarian Party, Mark Hinkle will be The Guest Speaker at the Nevada County Libertarian Party’s monthly luncheon meeting Friday Augusts 5th. Vice Chairman of the local Libertarian Party, Gary Bryant says Hinkle lives in northern California so he contacted him.

“I asked him if he could ever speak at one of our luncheons and he said, ‘sure’ and so he’s coming up and it’ll be great to have him there and he’ll be talking about Prop 14.”

Prop 14 which passed in 2010 is the open primary initiative which could make it harder for third parties to qualify for the ballot.

“If we don’t maintain one percent of all registered voters with our party as well as the peace and freedom from these other third parties, we’re cut off from the ballot.”

 Bryant says Hinkle will also be talking about the initiative that Libertarians will be gathering signatures for to regulate marijuana like wine.  The Nevada County Libertarian Party Luncheon is Friday August 5th from 12:30 to 2pm at Mi Comida Restaurant at the Pine Creek Shopping center on Freeman Lane.  For information and reservations call 530 277-2666.

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