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Libertarians Focus on Idaho Maryland Mine

The Nevada County Libertarian Party has invited the President and CEO of the Idaho Maryland Mining Corporation, David Watkinson to be their monthly meeting guest speaker this Friday. Party officer, Gary Bryant says Libertarians support the concept of free enterprise and says Libertarians have other reasons for supporting re-opening of the mine.

“We need jobs. We need stuff to happen and I think you can address the environmental issues and Libertarian philosophy is what you do on your own property, as long and you’re not initiating force or coercion on others and that’s the whole point. He’s liable for everything that he’s doing and we want to address all that.”

Libertarian candidate for Assembly seat district one Charlie Hooper will also be speaking at the event.

The Libertarian Party luncheon meeting is this Friday January 6th at 12:30pm at Kane’s Restaurant. The public is welcome but reservations are required by calling 277-2666.

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