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Lightning Strike Cause of Cabin Fire

Lightning on Sunday night provided a show for many Nevada County residents, but at one San Juan ridge cabin, it was more than a light show. At least one lightning strike occurred on the Ridge that was extremely close to an unoccupied cabin- so close that it caused catastrophic damage. North San Juan Fire Chief Jason Flores explains what happened.
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Flores says that there were no power lines that ran to the cabin, but the phone lines were capable of transmitting the energy released by the lightning when it struck the ground.
The cabin was located on a remote part of Shay Lane which is about a mile north of Tyler Foote Road. Because of the remote location fire crews were not able to respond in time to save the structure.
Click here to listen to Chief Flores

Lightning strikes are a major concern for Chief Flores and his crew as the winter has been dry and the risk of a fire is increasing.

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