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Lights Out on Commercial Street

Only five days after a Nevada City City Council meeting where the council voted to extend the Commercial Street Boardwalk Project; the city manager notified Boardwalk/Commercial Street proponent and former city councilwoman Reinette Senum that the decorative lights that crisscross over Commercial Street were to be turned off. The Boardwalk has been opposed by members of the Nevada City Historical Society as not meeting Historical Ordinance requirements and an additional complaint has been raised since the lights were temporarily installed for a special event last August. Senum says that the two projects are not connected, but exist in the same area.
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The overwhelming positive response to the lights led Senum to work with the owners of the building to which the lights are connected to fortify the installation to make them strong enough to withstand winter conditions. However, the installation of the lights was never approved by the City and Reinette new eventually the city would come knocking.
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Senum says the lights provide several positive benefits to the area and is hoping the city will provide direction on how the lighting might be made possible.
Click here to listen to Reinette Senum

Opponents to the lights say they take away from the historical feel and value of the area as well as not being approved by the City.
Senum is encouraging the public to attend the February 26 City Council meeting when the lights will be an agenda item.

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