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Listener Reports Clearing House Scam

It’s a different twist on an old scam, but one KNCO listener didn’t fall for it. Sunday evening, Danny Taylor got a call from a guy saying he was from Publishers Clearing House, telling Taylor he had won two-and-half million dollars, plus 500-thousand dollars a month for life. Taylor actually enters Publishers Clearing House drawings online, so he was willing to listen a little longer. Taylor says the guy said he was for real, and gave Taylor his cell phone number…

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Taylor called P-C-H Sunday night, but it was after hours, so there was no answer. Monday, he got in touch with Publisher’s Clearing House, and they told him not to give the guy any money…

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Taylor knew it was a scam at this point…

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Taylor says it was scary how much the guy knew about him, and says the scam artist was very good. Another warning that if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

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