Paul Haas

Paul Haas


Little Girl with a Big Heart and Strong Will

In early December, KNCO ran a story about a little girl that had just been diagnosed with lymphoma.  Within a week of being diagnosed, four year old Olivia Williams began treatment. At the time, if all went well, Olivia would be done with chemotherapy in two months.


GOOD NEWS! Olivia just finished her last chemotherapy treatment! It has been a long haul for Olivia and her parents, but they are feeling positive about the results.  As part of regular check-ups, she will be closely monitored for the next five years.

The Williams want to thank everyone that contributed to the fund to help with Olivia’s treatment and all of  the positive thoughts that have been shared.

The Williams can be reached at  (Jim, Bethany & Olivia Williams) if you would like to share your congratualtions. Thank you!

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