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Loaded Handgun and Ex-felon

A loaded handgun was found in possession of an ex-felon following a traffic stop where the officer recognized the driver. Wednesday afternoon a Grass Valley CHP officer was on patrol on McKnight Way near Highway 49 when he was passed by a vehicle that was being driven by a subject the officer knew to not have a valid driver’s license. Officer Greg Tassone says the vehicle made a quick maneuver turning into a parking lot. The officer turned around to follow the vehicle.*

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The officer made contact and identified the driver as Kevin Saso and confirmed his license was suspended. At that time Saso was searched and discovered a number of issues.

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Saso was also found to be in possession of a variety of prescription drugs for which he did not have a prescription and a quantity of marijuana. While speaking with Saso it was also determined he may be under the influence of a controlled substance.
Upon further investigation it was determined the gun did not belong to him.

Click here to listen to Officer Greg Tassone

Kevin Saso was booked into the Wayne Brown Correctional facility for DUI, possession of a concealed firearm, ex-felon with a gun, possession of a controlled substance, and possession of stolen goods.

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